What is Virtual BC App?

Virtual BC App is a mobile application that uses augmented reality to superimpose images, links and 3D objects on to brochures, maps, signs and other marketing materials.

Virtual BC App Does not use QR codes to display or link information. That means you don’t need to add any barcode images to your design for it show you extra information.

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What Are Image Targets?

Image Targets can be anything that has been printed with a good enough percentage of contrast within the overall  Product packaging, print materials, game boards, menus, books, magazines, advertisements, billboards, signs and much more.

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How Does It Work?

Virtual BC App works by pointing a mobile smart device at the designated image targets. Once the image has been recognized the scanning line disappears and you will see digital information superimposed on your image.

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How to get Enabled for free?

All we ask in exchange for enabling your marketing material is that you carry our App brand logo in either of the following ways.

1. Apply a Virtual BC App enabled Sticker to your location window or sign.

2. Carry a 2 sided A-frame on your counter top.

3. Add Virtual BC App Enabled icon to you printed marketing materials.


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